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SOLFRUNT 1409 Stem Mount Pressure Gauge

1409 Pressure GaugeModel 1409 SOLFRUNT Test Gauges are stem or low mount pressure gauges used for field testing and validation, with an ASME B40.100 Grade 2A accuracy (±0.50%) up to 1000 psi, or Grade 1A ((±1%) for 1500 psi and above. The Model 1409 has a light weight chrome plated ABS solid front case with a blow out back design. This pressure gauge has a knife-edged micro-adjustable pointer to reduce parallax readings.

The gauge has a low mount chrome plated brass socket with a ¼” NPT connection, with a seamless phosphor bronze or beryllium cooper bourdon tube. Pressure ranges are from 0-30 psi through 0-5000 psi. A protective cover is available as an option to protect the window from scratches. These gauges are available with a NIST Calibration Certificate option.

Gauge size: 3"

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Accuracy:   to ±(0.5 % FS)   

Size:  3"

Ranges:  Pressure - 0 to 5000 psi
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    • Protective Cover
      • Order Code: 161959 - Chrome plated ABS cover to protect window from scratches.
    • NIST Calibration Certificate
      • Order Code: /C - NIST (National Institute of Standards and Technology) Certification of Calibration states that the pressure gauge was tested at multiple test points and is within its stated tolerance of accuracy. Gauge is shipped with a sticker on the side of the gauge noting the certification number and date, and NIST certificate.
    • Oxygen Cleaning
      • Order Code: CL - The wetted surfaces of the gauge are cleaned and tested to ASME B40.100 Level IV Cleanliness, capped and bagged to maintain cleanliness during shipment.
    • Dual Scale Dials
      • US Gauge offers most pressure ranges in dual scale, such as psi & kPa, psi & BAR, psi & kg/cm2, or single scale metric such as kPa, kg/cm2, or BAR. Dual scale dials are available at no extra charge. Please reference our data sheet or email customer service at with any questions.