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AMETEK pressure and temperature products serve many different industries including industrial process and OEM’s.  We offer a broad array of pressure gauges and diaphragm seals, from heavy duty solid front process gauges in 316L SST and Monel and seals in many configurations, to UL and FM approved gauges, to low cost utility gauges.  Our pressure transducers and pressure transmitters range from explosion proof and intrinsically safe to general industrial versions.  Temperature products include bimetallistic thermometers and thermoses, to explosion proof battery powered Digital Thermometers.  The submersible level products range from explosion proof and intrinsically safe to low cost for clean water applications.

  • Chemical and Plastic Industry
    Chemical Processing

    Pressure and temperature instrumentation are paramount for running Chemical and Petrochemical plants. Whether plants are producing plastics, polymers, paints, detergents and soaps, agricultural fertilizers and chemicals, or petrochemical products, plant and operator safety is top priority.

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  • mining pressure gauge
    Mining Industry

    Our pressure products are designed to be the most durable instrumentation to meet the rigorous requirements of the mining industry, measuring liquids, vapors or gases for the extraction of minerals.

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  • oem pressure gauges
    OEM Products

    Our pressure gauges, transducers, transmitters, and submersible level products are used by OEM manufacturers including medical, refrigeration, HVAC, air handling, sprinkler systems, agricultural machinery, tank level measurement and many other areas.

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  • Oil and Gas Industry
    Oil and Gas Production

    The upstream oil and gas market demands the most reliable and durability instrumentation for tough outdoor environments, exposing pressure instrumentation and temperature products to all types of weather.

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  • power generation pressure gauges
    Power Generation

    Pressure sensor products, temperature products, and submersible level products are used throughout power generation plants, especially coal-fired and gas-fired plants.

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  • refinery pressure gauges

    The refining process uses pressure and temperature measurement products throughout each step of the process. From the Crude Unit and the Coking Unit, to the Alky Unit and Hydrotreaters, pressure gauges and transmitters, diaphragm seals, and temperature measurement products are used to monitor pressure and temperature in the processes.

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  • specialty gas pressure gauges
    Specialty Gas

    We offer a broad range for products for the specialty gas applications, whether it is for OEM regulators or gas handling equipment to facility needs for production of specialty gases, medical gases or gas mixtures.

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  • wastewater pressure gauges
    Water and Wastewater Treatment

    The water and wastewater treatment industry uses instrumentation throughout both the water and wastewater processes, including submersible level, pressure gauges, diaphragm seals, and pressure transducers.

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