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Mining Industry

mining pressure gauge
AMETEK Pressure Products are designed to be the most durable instrumentation to meet the rigorous requirements of the mining industry, measuring liquids, vapors or gases for the extraction of minerals. This market demands the toughest designs in pressure sensors and reliability, and the SOLFRUNT Process Gauge product line meets the demand with its seamless bourdon tube and solid front case. For low visibility applications the Model 1981 with a luminescent (glow-in-the-dark) or bright yellow dial improve visible and worker safety. Diaphragm seals are available to protect gauges, pressure switches or pressure transmitters from the caustic chemicals used in the mining process, extending the life of the instrumentation.

Popular Products

1981 Process Gauge
Type S Diaphragm Seal
659 Liquid Filled Pressure Gauge
1931 Process Gauge

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