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Water and Wastewater Treatment

wastewater pressure gauges
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The water and wastewater treatment industry uses instrumentation throughout both the water and wastewater processes, including submersible level, pressure gauges, diaphragm seals, and pressure transducers. From the lift stations and pump houses and sludge digesters and aeration, AMETEK products are used throughout the plant. The submersible level products are available with and without hazardous approvals for the most cost effective solution for the application. Many plants use the Model 1981 with the bright yellow dial for low light applications, to improve visibility and worker safety. All welded seals with flush connections reduce potential leak paths while giving the operators the functionality to clean out their processes when needed.

Popular Products

375 Submersible Level Transducer (clean water)
675 Submersible Level Transducer (hazardous locations)
1981 Stainless Steel Pressure Gauge
XR-81 All-Welded Pressure Gauge and Diaphragm Seal
Type RG Diaphragm Seal

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