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Pressure Gauges

Our pressure gauges include everything from process gauges, general purpose gauges, special application gauges, and test gauges.  Our gauges are available in multiple accuracy levels, include various wetted parts, can be dry or liquid filled, bottom or rear mounted with and without flanges, and much more.

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  • 1981 Pressure Gauge
    Process Gauges

    Our high quality process gauges are specifically designed to meet the demanding needs of the chemical and petroleum processing industries. The design and materials of construction provide reliable service in applications where corrosive atmospheres, corrosive media, pressure pulsation, vibration, and wide variations in ambient temperatures are present.

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  • 656 Pressure Gauge
    Liquid Filled Gauges

    We offer many stainless steel gauge options that can be liquid filled to meet the demands of the oil and gas industry, as well as industrial and OEM requirements. Gauge sizes range from 1-1/2” to 6”, with brass or 316L SST wetted parts. All liquid filled pressure gauges can be filled with glycerin, silicone, mineral oil, or flurolube.

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  • 1403 Pressure Gauge
    Test Gauges

    High accuracy SOLFRUNT Test Gauges with solid front case designed for operator safety, and meeting ASME B40.100 Grade 3A (±0.25% of span) or Grade 2A (±0.50% of span). Pressure gauge size includes: 6”, 4½”, and 3”

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  • 500 Pressure Gauge
    General Equipment Gauges

    The AMETEK-US Gauge General Equipment pressure gauge line is our highest volume product line. These pressure gauges are used where the pressure medium is non-corrosive to brass, phosphor bronze, or beryllium copper wetted parts. Air, gas, oil, and water services are the most common applications, including a low lead version. Gauge sizes include 1½, 2, 2½, 3½, and 4½”.

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  • pressure gauge
    Special Application Gauges

    We offer a wide variety of pressure gauges for uses in a variety of industries and applications. Our gauges include special models for spinklers, boilers, tire pressure, medical gauges, corrosion resistant pressure gauges, and much more.

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  • Digital Pressure Gauges

    Our corporate partner, Crystal Engineering, provides some of the world’s most popular digital test gauges for a variety of applications and markets. Included are intrinsically safe "percent of reading" gauges, process gauges, differential pressure gauges, panel mounted gauges, and gauges specifically designed for use in the maritime industry.

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  • pressure gauge
    Accessory Products

    We have a wide range of accessories to support and protect your pressure gauges. Our accessories include cooling elements, tire pressure gauges, and protective rubber boots.

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