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Chemical Processing

Chemical and Plastic Industry
Pressure and temperature instrumentation are paramount for running Chemical and Petrochemical plants. Whether plants are producing plastics, polymers, paints, detergents and soaps, agricultural fertilizers and chemicals, or petrochemical products, plant and operator safety is top priority. Because plants use corrosive chemicals throughout their processes, material compatibility with the pressure and temperature sensors is important to reduce down time and extend the life of the instrumentation investments. AMETEK-US Gauge solid front process gauges with seamless bourdon tubes insure user safety, and are available with metal cases (Model 1931) for improved resistance to chemicals, or PET cases. M&G diaphragm seals extend the life of the pressure gauge and transducer. Diaphragm seals are available in over 1 million different material combinations to provide the best protection of instrumentation from the caustic chemicals used throughout production, reducing plant downtime and maintenance costs. AMETEK’s Model BAC and ADJ bimetallic thermometers are available with thermowells to provide additional protection from the processes.

AMETEK’s pressure transmitters are explosion proof and/or intrinsically safe to provide the most cost effective solution for the application, and depending on the model carry FM, CSA, ATEX, and IECEx approvals. The transmitters are available with 316L, Monel, or Hastelloy diaphragms for improved material compatibility and a longer pressure sensor life.

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