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General Equipment Gauges

The AMETEK-US Gauge General Equipment pressure gauge line is our highest volume product line. These pressure gauges are used where the pressure medium is non-corrosive to brass, phosphor bronze, or beryllium copper wetted parts. Air, gas, oil, and water services are the most common applications, including a low lead version. Gauge sizes include 1½, 2, 2½, 3½, and 4½”.

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  • 500 Pressure Gauge
    P500 Pressure Gauge

    ±(3-2-3% FS). The Model P500 is a general purpose commercial gauge measuring vacuum pressure, gauge pressure, or compound gauge pressure. These bourdon tube pressure gauges have phosphor bronze or beryllium copper tubes, with brass sockets. They are available off the shelf or customized for OEM applications.

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  • 500 Pressure Gauge
    P500 Low Lead Pressure Gauge

    ±(3-2-3% FS). The Model P500 Low Lead pressure gauge compiles with the US Congress “Reduction in Lead in Drinking Water Act.” This low cost product line is available on both a 1½” and 2” gauge size.

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  • 884 Pressure Gauge
    844 and 845 Panel Mount Pressure Gauge

    The Model 844 and 845 panel mount pressure gauges are available in a front flange or U-Clamp versions for flush mounting on instruments panels, pressure test stands, sterilizers, or many other applications. These commercial gauges have copper-alloy wetted parts in a 2½” or 3½” gauge size.

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  • 562 Pressure Gauge
    562 Mini Panel Mount Pressure Gauge

    ±(3-2-3% FS). The Model 562 Miniature panel mount pressure gauges is specially designed to conserve space on any type of equipment where space is limited. The 1½” gauge has mounting studs coming out of the back of the case, and a U-Clamp to secure the gauge in the panel.

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  • pressure gauge
    590 Weather Resistant Pressure Gauge

    ±(3-2-3% FS). The Model P590 is a general purpose commercial gauge with a light weight grey ABS case that is corrosion and weather resistant.

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  • 915 Pressure Gauges
    570 and 915 OEM Pressure Gauge

    ±(3-2-3% FS) or ±(1.6% of FS). The Model 570 and 915 are low cost pressure gauges that can be customized for any OEM’s requirements.

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