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Liquid Filled Gauges

We offer many stainless steel gauge options that can be liquid filled to meet the demands of the oil and gas industry, as well as industrial and OEM requirements.  Gauge sizes range from 1-1/2” to 6”, with brass or 316L SST wetted parts. All liquid filled pressure gauges can be filled with glycerin, silicone, mineral oil, or fluorolube, and are NEMA 4X/IP66 or IP67 compliant.

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  • 1550 Pressure Gauge
    1550/1553 Liquid Filled Pressure Gauge

    ±(3-2-3% FS) or ±(1 % FS). The Model 1550 and 1553 is an affordable liquid filled gauge containing all 316 stainless steel wetted parts. Available in 2-1/2" (63mm) and 4" (100mm) sizes, and are designed to endure the harsh environments of chemical and petrochemical processing plants.

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  • 1558 Pressure Gauge
    1555/1558/1559 Liquid Filled Pressure Gauge

    ±(3-2-3% FS). The Model 1555/1558/1559 liquid filled utility gauges are designed for a wide range of rugged service applications on pumps, compressors, hydraulic systems, machine tools, and petrochemical processing equipment.

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  • 656 Pressure Gauge
    656 Liquid Filled Pressure Gauge

    ±(1.6% or 1.0% FS). The 656 Stainless Steel Gauge pressure gauge is suitable for environments with high vibration, pulsation, pressure spikes and condensation build up.

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  • 659 Pressure Gauge
    659 Liquid Filled Pressure Gauge

    ±(1.6% or 1.0% FS). When safety is your top priority, the Model 659 Series SOLFRUNT gauges is the choice. It features a solid-front and pressure-relieving back design in all stainless steel construction.

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