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USG RMA and Registration Forms

Sunday, January 21, 2018

To return a product to us for re-calibration or service, simply complete the online form, and instructions on where to ship the product will be emailed to you. It’s that easy. Our service department is also alerted, so any questions can be answered while the shipment is in transit, saving you time and assuring that you will receive your equipment back faster.

The registration form includes all US Gauge and PMT products, and will be available once you log in. Registering your product allows us to keep you informed of future updates.

Each time you complete an RMA or registration form, your equipment is added to your personal database. The next time you log in to our website, you will see your complete list of products, and returning one for service is as simple as checking a box. This saves you the time of completing the same information for a piece of equipment you returned for calibration or registered last year.

You can access the new forms here.