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Temperature Protection Diaphragm Seals

Monday, September 6, 2021

Cost-Effective Diaphragm Seals Protect from Extreme Heat

HORSHAM, USA – Testing and measuring pressure at high temperatures is a challenge that many companies face. Among others, applications in automotive, food processing, and steam may require instruments that stand up to temperatures far above typical ranges. Because the temperature is so high, the options available to companies to measure and test pressure are often limited, leading many to choose simple pressure sensors. For companies looking to complete more advanced analysis, like data recording, this can be a challenge.

AMETEK STC has a solution in its M&G line of reliable diaphragm seals. The M&G diaphragm seals provide a barrier between the heated pressure source and the advanced instrumentation. Adding this barrier allows companies to use their instrumentation of choice rather than only those capable of direct high-temperature connections.

The M&G Type E Diaphragm Seal includes a temperature rating up to 250°F or 121°C and supports pressure up to 5000 psi (345 bar). Its all-welded, 316L stainless steel construction contains no gaskets or bolting, removing the most common leak points.

In addition to protecting instruments from high temperatures, diaphragm seals also protect against caustic chemicals and pressure spikes. Operators may recover the initial investment of a diaphragm seal by reducing production downtime, extending the service life of instrumentation, lowering the cost of repetitive instrument installation, and reducing or eliminating maintenance costs.

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