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XR All-Welded Pressure Gauge and Diaphragm Seal

XR Pressure Gauge

The XR-Series starts with a Model 1981 process gauge and welds that to a XR diaphragm seal. All the components of the diaphragm seal are welded together internally and the seal is welded to the socket of the pressure gauge. This eliminates any leak paths traditionally found in a threaded pressure gauge and diaphragm seal combinations.

The XR-81 is an all 316L model with a 1981 Solid Front Process Gauge, and the XR-86 is an all Monel combination with a 1986 gauge. The XR seal is also available with a Hastelloy C diaphragm seal, or with a 4” Model 656 stainless steel gauge.

Gauge sizes: 4 ½”, 4”

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