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1550/1553 Liquid Filled Pressure Gauge

1550 Pressure GaugeThe Model 1550/1553 is a low cost Stainless Steel Gauge that has a crimped ring and dual scale psi/kpa dial standard. The pressure gauge is suitable for environments with high vibration, pulsation, pressure spikes and condensation build up. Liquid filling protects the internals of the pressure gauges, and dampens the pointer to improve readability. This gauge is NEMA 4X / IP66 weather proof for durability. Liquid filling also eliminates condensation build up due to temperature fluctuations on the inside window. The 1550/1553 is a liquid filled pressure gauge and is available in 2½” (63mm) and 4” (100mm) gauge sizes.

Each gauge has 316L SST socket and 316L SST bourdon tube. The case material is 304 SST with a crimped on window and a liquid fill plug at the top of the case for easy field filling if needed. The 2½” version meets ASME B40.100 Grade B accuracy (±3-2-3%) and the 4” meets Grade 1A accuracy (±1.0%).

Gauge size: 2½" (63 mm) or 4" (100 mm)

All Model 1550/1553 pressure gauge are RoHS compliant to EU directive 2011/65/EU.

Pressure ranges are from Vacuum to 15 000 psi. Pressure gauges are available in bottom mount (Model 1550) and a center back (Model 1553) versions.

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Accuracy:  ±(3-2-3 % FS) or ±(1.0% FS)  

Size:  2½" (63mm) or 4" (100mm)

Wetted Parts:  316 Stainless Steel
Ranges:  Vacuum - 30 to 0 "Hg VAC (counterclockwise rotation) 
Compound - 30"Hg VAC to 15 to 300 psi
Pressure - 0 to 15 000 psi
Weather Protection:  NEMA 4X / IP66
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    • Liquid Filling
      • Order Code: LG, LS, or LM - Extend the life of your pressure gauges. Liquid filled pressure gauges are generally recommended over dry gauges due to performance and durability. When USG’s liquid filled gauges are filled with Glycerin (LG), Silicone (LS), or Mineral Oil (LM) you’re helping to prevent gauge failure commonly caused by excessive vibration or pulsation. Glycerin is the most common fill fluid and is typically used for room-temperature applications. Silicone is used for more extreme temperature applications. Mineral Oil can also be used for higher temperature ranges.
    • NIST Calibration Certificate
      • Order Code: /C - NIST (National Institute of Standards and Technology) Certification of Calibration states that the pressure gauge was tested at multiple test points and is within its stated tolerance of accuracy. Gauge is shipped with a sticker on the side of the gauge noting the certification number and date, and NIST certificate.
    • Dual Scale Dials
      • US Gauge offers most pressure ranges in dual scale, such as psi & kPa, psi & BAR, psi & kg/cm2, or single scale metric such as kPa, kg/cm2, or BAR. Dual scale dials are available at no extra charge. Please reference our data sheet or email customer service at with any questions.