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Private Label Process Gauges

Private Label Pressure Gauge
AMETEK will customize any of our solid 4½ process gauge dial faces with your company's logo, part number, website, telephone number, or other important information. This feature is included on all 4½, grade 2A (±0.5%) accuracy, process gauges. Please see the Model selection guide below for additional details.

We offer this private label feature to any account using 10 or more gauges in a pressure range per year. Delivery lead time is 2 weeks ARO (and custom part number is set up), or we can set up a stock program.

Why Private Label Process Gauges?

  • Allows your company to increase your brand recognition
  • Increases your replacement and service business
  • Insures future service will maintain the high quality level of your equipment
  • No cost added to you


    Vac to 30" Hg, 0 to 11,600 psi
    Vac to 30" Hg, 0 to 11,600 psi