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Safety and Reliability Training and Audit

Training and Auditing
Step 1 - The START program begins with Safety and Reliability training session conducted by a US Gauge employee or a factory trained US Gauge authorized distributor. The training session will be conducted for the plant's engineering, maintenance, operations, repair and technical support staff. The presentation discusses the proper installation methods for pressure gauges, suggested guidelines, and accepted practices of mechanical pressure and temperature instruments for process plant applications, based on AMERICAN SOCIETY of MECHANICAL ENGINEERS (ASME B40.100-2013).

Step 2 - A one or two day plant audit is conducted to review pressure gauge, thermometer or diaphragm seal applications throughout the plant, to ensure proper ASME standards are met.

Step 3 - AMETEK-USG, in conjunction with our authorized USG distributor, will provide recommendations of changes to provide longer life and increase safety if needed, based on ASME standards and practices.

Step 4 - AMETEK-USG distributors would then provide a storeroom audit to reduce incorrect gauges within the storeroom and provide proper replacements, which will reduce inventory costs and high turnover costs. If any new standards are written the USG distributor can post them in the storeroom to eliminate any questions on the proper pressure gauge, pressure gauge accessory, thermometer, thermowells and or diaphragm seal selection.

USG Distributors can also work with planners and purchasing people on new projects and turnarounds to ensure that all mechanical pressure and temperature instruments used on future maintenance projects meet approved plant standards.

USG and all Authorized USG Distributors can provide these services free of charge. Contact your local US Gauge distributor for further details.