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Additional Instruments

The customized LevelMate III meter displays data from any AMETEK submersible level transmitter, provides excitation voltage and transmits an analog signal for remote recording, alarm or control functions. And, our lightning protection units are available to help protect your AMETEK Level Transmitters and Measurement Systems from unexpected lightning and secondary surges. 

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  • level measurement
    LevelMate III Level System

    The AMETEK LevelMate III Level System uses a stainless steel transmitter as standard. A series of perforations in the bottom of the unit protects the sensing port from either clogging or damage. The same snub-nosed end can also unscrew, allowing for easy calibration checks.

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  • pressure transducer
    LMA Lightening and Surge Protection

    AMETEK Model LMA Lightning and Secondary Surge Protection can be used for all submersible level transmitters and systems. The Model LMA is offered for both AC and DC protection, in 30 VDC, 120 VAC, and 240 VAC versions.

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