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Diesel Fuel Level Measurement

diesel fuel level measurement
Measure Level of Diesel Fuel in a Tank

The Problem
Take a quick drive, and you’ll probably pass a diesel tank. From private farms, to industrial sites, to shipping vessells, storage of diesel fuel is necessary everywhere. Many times, critical equipment depends on having fuel available, so knowing the level of fuel inside these closed tanks is essential. From sub-base tanks to day-tanks, AMETEK STC has trusted a level measurement solution.

The Solution:
An Ametek Model 575 intrinsically safe submersible level transmitter and a Model DDMC meter/controller can continuously monitor the fuel level in the tank. An AMETEK Model 575 with optional conduit adapter is used in the tank and an electrical conduit protects the cable. A Model DDMC meter is used to power the Model 575 through approved electrical barriers. The DDMC meter provides a continuous display of the level in the tank.

See the pdf copy of the application note here.