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Trusted Pressure Control for the Mining Industry

Many companies choose to use a bubbler system to control and display the liquid level in Slurry Tanks. Bubbler systems rely on clean-dry air and a pneumatic controller or regulator to reduce the incoming air to usable pressures. The controller must provide consistent output to the system so that any change in pressure will indicate a difference in the tank level.

In mining applications, where Hematite concentrates are processed into Iron Ore Pellets for use with blast furnaces, the requirements for instruments to control the pressure are stringent. The device must be durable, reliable, and contain the correct components to reduce fire or explosion risk.

The main purpose of a pneumatic controller is to use clean-dry air or gas to help regulate pressure, flow, level, or differential pressure and to keep it within required set limits. Pneumatic Controllers can automatically position a valve or other final control element to maintain process pressure at the desired set point. These devices are relatively uncomplicated but are an essential device when electronics might not be an option.

U.S. Gauge Solution:
Our AMETEK PMT Model 40 Pneumatic Controller is a trusted solution for many companies due to its durability and long-lasting design. The Model 40 provides trusted pressure control to the 24-hour, 365-day per year work requirements of this rugged environment. The pneumatic parts are proven to last, require less maintenance, and because the components do not overheat when overloaded, they are less of a fire hazard. Our pneumatic system is also relatively inexpensive, making the initial outlay very cost-effective.

The AMETEK PMT Model 40 Pneumatic Controller can meet almost all type of control situations with its broad selection of control modes; proportional, proportional plus reset, proportional plus reset plus rate, differential gap and two position bypass. It offers a wide selection of process measuring elements for pressure, differential pressure, flow, and level, with ranges available from five inches of water column to 3000 psi. It also meets EPA NSPS OOOO (Quad-O) for bleed rate less than 6.0 scfh.

Available Outputs vary from 3-15, 3-27, 6-30, and 12-60 psi. It is available in automatic and manual switch options and contains pre-calibrated elements for quick field changes. Made in the USA, with over 50 years of industry acceptance, the AMETEK PMT Model 40 continues to provide reliable, rugged, in-field pressure control.

Do you have a unique set-up that needs a special solution? Contact our application specialist to discuss the solution we have for you!

See the pdf copy of the application note.