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NSF Certification Brings Safe and Accurate Level Measurement

NSF Certification Provides Safe and Accurate Measurement

Like many other industries, water and wastewater companies need reliable methods to measure their fluid level. Manufacturers that produce level measuring equipment differentiate their products in many ways: size, features, options, and accuracy. However, because water companies may be dealing with drinking water, they have responsibilities and regulations that eliminate some equipment from consideration.

One such regulation is established by NSF, a public health and environmental organization that develops health regulations and certifies products and equipment. NSF conducts extensive auditing and testing of products, components, and the manufacturing process used in created products. They continue the service by auditing the same items to ensure that companies continue their safe practices.

NSF has recently verified that the AMETEK PMT 575 submersible level transmitters meet its NSF/ANSI/CAN 61 classification standards used to identify products that meet its drinking water leachate requirements, including the lead percentage. This classification is already required in most US states and will, more than likely, soon be required in />
The AMETEK PMT 575 submersible level transmitters indicate liquid level by continuously measuring hydrostatic level pressure via its sensing element and transmitted by a 4-20 mA signal. This design provides excellent linearity and repeatability, low hysteresis, and long-term stability. The 575 is available with a nylon or stainless steel snub nose, ranges from 0-14 feet through 0-690 feet, and are CSA-rated intrinsically safe.

See the pdf copy of the application note here.