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Mining Industry Pressure Measurement

Reliable Pressure Measurement for the Mining Industry

The Problem
Proper measurement and monitoring of pressure systems are among the most crucial aspects of mining safety.

Pressurized pipes and hoses can lead to accidents in the mining shafts due to over-pressure. This potential for accidents adds an extra level of danger to the personnel, and the risk of serious damage to their equipment, which can be costly and complex to replace or repair. Knowing the current pipe pressure is essential, and having a reliable and easy-to-read pressure gauge can significantly reduce the danger from over-pressure.

The Solution:
We have the solution in our U.S. Gauge line of rugged, reliable pressure gauges. Our SOLFRUNT process gauges feature seamless bourdon tubes, solid front cases, and special
low visibility dials.

The seamless bourdon tube removes the main stress point, which is the most likely place to fail because of corrosion or cracking. The solid front case protects the user in the event of an accidental, over-pressure situation. In an extreme over-pressure event, the solid front will prevent the gauge from bursting out of the front window, facing the technician. Additionally, the Model 1981 SOLFRUNT Process Gauge features a luminescent (glow-in-the-dark) or bright yellow dial, which improves visibility and worker safety in low light situations..

See the pdf copy of the application note here.